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Member Engagement Survey Results




The ME25 consists of 25 items: 9 items that measure individual spiritual commitment, 12 that measure member engagement, and 4 outcome items about life satisfaction, inviting, serving, and giving. The Spiritual Commitment items are individual and personal, while the Engagement items indicate how strongly one feels a sense of belonging within the parish. Members who are highly engaged are more likely to give more money to their parishes, and to volunteer more hours per week to help and serve others. They are also more likely to invite others to participate, and to be more satisfied with their lives. The same is true
of members who are more spiritually committed.


Items ME11 through ME22 measure how engaged members are in the life of the parish. Engagement is divided into four areas, each building upon the other in a hierarchy of engagement.

  • The first area is "What do I get?" and includes items ME11 and ME12. It is important that these two items receive high scores, because they form the base on the engagement hierarchy. The base must be strong if the rest of the pyramid is to stand
  • The second level is "What do I give?" and includes items ME13 through ME16.
  • The third level is "Do I belong?" and includes items ME17 through ME20.
  • The top of the pyramid is "How can we grow?" and includes items ME21 and ME22.

It is natural for new parishioners to look to fulfill their engagement needs at the bottom of the pyramid. As parishioners move toward greater engagement, they want to fulfill their needs toward the top of the pyramid. However, there is interplay between the items at various levels, and individuals identify and prioritize their needs on different levels of the pyramid as their engagement changes. From the parish perspective, the Engagement items are the most actionable items on the survey, and steps taken to improve scores on these items will have a positive impact on spiritual commitment as well.


The real "bottom line" of a parish is producing spiritually committed individuals. Items ME02 through ME10 measure a person's spiritual commitment, in terms of both attitudes and behaviors. Members of a parish with high scores on spiritual commitment and low scores on member engagement have limited ways to express and live out their spirituality in the midst of their parish. If the parish increases the level of engagement among these individuals, it will unleash a powerhouse of potential for fulfilling its mission. Likewise, a parish of highly engaged yet moderately committed members would do well to focus on the basics of expectations and meeting spiritual needs to increase the commitment level of its members,
thereby dramatically increasing its potential.


Items ME01, ME23, ME24, and ME25 are the measurable outcomes of life satisfaction, inviting, serving, and giving. Strong engagement and commitment are more likely to lead to high scores on these four items; weaker engagement and commitment are more likely to lead to low scores.


Following the ME25, respondents are asked a variety of demographic questions. A summary of the responses is included at the end of the report and the responses are labeled D1 through D7.


Strong parishes produce spiritually mature individuals whose lives have a positive influence on our society and world. However, you can manage only what you can measure. The ME25 provides your parish with a system to measure its progress, so that you can manage your parish with greater care and clarity — in order to create positive change in people's lives. At Gallup, it is our pleasure to be your partner in this endeavor.