Multi Cultural Commission


Multi Cultural Commission


Purpose Statement


St. Vincent de Paul Parish is blessed with a rich diversity of cultures. Some parishioners have been in this area for generations; some are newly arrived from foreign countries.     The Multi Cultural Commission’s purpose is to foster an understanding and appreciation of the language, culture, as well as the liturgical, spiritual, and particular traditions of the various ethnic and cultural groups that are a part of the parish.  All should feel welcomed and experience the parish as a sacrament of unity where the Catholic faith of all can be deepened and shared.


Responsibilities and Goals


Assist the parish in safeguarding and promoting the distinct cultural identity of our parishioners and develop concrete ways for us to get to know one another in all our diversity. Promote special events such as international dinners, common social events, and multicultural parish feasts that can help to introduce the various members of the parish to other cultures and can lead to greater exchanges between groups. The Commission is encouraged to sponsor forums in which members of different cultures can openly share their unique backgrounds and identify areas of unity.


Ensure that the parish is a place of hospitality and welcome for our newest immigrants and assist them in learning about their new adopted homeland and new faith community.    Offer assistance and encouragement with those struggling with immigration issues.


Encourage members of our ethic communities to be involved in the leadership, stewardship, ministries and life of the parish.


Foster the enculturation of our diversity in parish liturgies both in exterior expression and interior attitudes.


Evaluate and make recommendations on how the parish is living out the call of the universal Church and national Church to foster unity in diversity.





Guiding documents:

Welcoming the Stranger Among Us: Unity in Diversity  NCCB/USCC, November 15, 2000

New Study on Cultural Diversity Displays Catholic Church’s Growing Multicultural Parish Population  NCCB/USCC  November 15, 2016

Best Practices for Shared Parishes: So That They May All Be One   NCCB

A Catholic Response to the Asian Presence    NCEA   1990


Parish Staff:  James Nguyen will serve as staff liaison


Budget: $500.00





 The Multi Cultural Commission is a consultative body to the Pastor, advising him on issues regarding cultural needs and diversity in the parish.


Works with the Liturgy Commission and matters regarding the celebration of the sacraments and other prayer experiences.


Works with the Lay Ministry and Evangelization Commission   on matters of hospitality and recruitment for ministry.




Operating Guidelines


The commission models to the parish the desire and ability to understand and respect parishioners from different cultures.    The commission has a minimum of nine members with a rotating three year term.


The commission meets once a month, normally on the first Thursday of the month when all parish commissions meet.  


Committees responsible to the commission may include


      Cultural Identity


      Immigration Assistance